2020 BC Talent Attenuation, Demand and Acquisition Survey

A survey of the present and future Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central skills across the industry.


All people eventually retire or leave an industry, removing a wealth of experience with them.  How soon? How many?


We know there is a lot of demand to fill positions in the industry.  How much? For what roles?


Getting started in an industry that relies on highly skilled staff can be tough.  Keeping up with changing needs can be equally hard.  How hard?


We need your help 
sharing the survey to all your peers!

The more people that take the survey, the better picture we have as a whole.  The more accurate the picture, the more steps that we can collectively take to making things better.  We know we all need more skilled people – let’s figure out how to make it happen – together.


Take the survey! It takes only 10 minutes.

Help Us Next Year!

This year is a test pilot to gather critical information, but also to see what sort of value this survey can bring to the industry.  Next year, this should be a community driven effort, a collaboration between industry players, with promotional sponsors.  This effort will help broaden the reach, such as through translation help.


Survey Snapshot Overview

With the Internet spreading linke wildfire and reaching every part of our daily life, more and more traffic is directed to websites in search for information.


responses so far

volunteers for next year

Latest News

We’ll publish updates as the survey is on-going, as well as analysis after.

While you’re waiting for results…

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Getting Things Ready

After 2-3 days of careful, focused crafting of the survey, I’ve run it by a variety of industry peers as a focus group. I’ve now built up a site and[…]

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