2020 Business Central Talent Survey

At DynamicsCon 2020 earlier this month, there was a great keynote by Dona Sakar. In that, she raised a good call: there’s large unemployment and there’s a looming/present shortage in skilled professionals in IT.

However, the information in that keynote spoke to a larger segment of the technology sector. For many partners, end users, and other types of organizations that work in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – this information can feel disconnected or even irrelevant. After all, transitioning just from Dynamics 365 GP to Business Central can be a multiyear voyage.

So, we’re in a place where we don’t know even how much we don’t know. This survey is a first draft, trial run attempt to get even a rough sketch of some key areas.

These are the focus areas of the 2020 Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central TADA Survey:

Talent Attenuation

People retire. Technology changes. Skills of today have relevance tomorrow, but new technologies and methodologies are always coming.

  • In the industry today, how many people with their years of experience will be retiring in 5 years? 10? 15?
  • How much time and effort do people and organizations invest in keeping up with the changing marketspace?

Talent Demand

There are always needs for more skilled professionals in the industry.

  • How many people are needed?
  • In what roles are people needed?
  • In what regions are people needed?

Talent Acquisition

Getting good new staff onboard is hard. Getting offered your first position in the industry is hard.

  • What techniques are used to find staff?
  • What ways might companies take chances on less experienced staff?


The results (minus any personally identifiable information) will be made available for everyone to analyze. This will be done both via a downloadable Excel file of the raw data and an embedded Power BI dashboard.


The hope for this survey is that it helps us as an industry:

  • better start planning long term about staffing trends
  • think more strategically about investing in education for new and existing staff
  • collectively invest and invent new ways of on-boarding people into the industry
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